TCDN Required Enrollment Forms

The forms below are separated into two groups; a group you are required to read to be able to sign a Parent Agreement/Consent Form, and a group you are required to return to us before your child’s enrollment may begin.

Families, please take a few moments to read and review the important documents below:

After reading these forms, you will be able to complete the TCDN Parent Agreement/Consent Form, which will be returned to us along with other required forms.

Please complete and return the below required forms as part of your child’s admission:

  • TCDN Parent Acknowledge Form rev 6.19 – This form acknowledges that you have read all of the forms above.
  • EMERGENCY CONTACT CONSENT FORM rev 6.19 – All information on this form is required. Please do not leave any area blank. Addresses and phone numbers must be included for everyone listed as a person authorized to pick up your child, or as someone to contact in an emergency. Health Insurance information and signatures at the bottom of the consent are required.
  • TCDN Child Health Report rev 6.19 – This must be a full report and include a physician’s signature, the date completed and immunization record dates.
  • Getting to Know Your Child Form rev 6.19 – This form should be included if your child is new to TCDN or will be attending a different program.
  • TCDN Special Care Plan Form Rev 6.19– This form must be completed in full.
  • TCDN Medication Log 2019– If your child has an EPI Pen, inhaler,  or requires TCDN to administer medication while your child is in care, please fill out this forms and return it to the main office.  We will not be able to administer any medication without this form.  
  • Information for families with children who have IEP/GIEP – (Individualized Education Plan) or GIEP (Gifted Individualized Education Plan) – A copy of this Plan or the goal sheet should be returned if applicable. This will help classroom teachers be familiar with specific goals for your child, and often enables a site to be eligible for state grant funds. Please return with an x if not applicable to your child.

Forms can be mailed, emailed, faxed or dropped off to TCDN, 301 N. Chester Road, Swarthmore, Pa 19081. Fax 610-604-9740. Any questions can be emailed to [email protected].