TCDN Required Enrollment Forms

The forms below are separated into two groups; a group you are required to read to be able to sign a Parent Agreement/Consent Form, and a group you are required to return to us before your child’s enrollment may begin.

You are required to read:


After reading these forms, you will be able to complete the TCDN Parent Agreement/Consent Form, which will be returned to us along with other required forms.

You are required to return:

  • Parent Agreement Consent Form 2018 – This form acknowledges that you have read all of the forms above.
  • Emergency Contact/Parent Consent Form – All information on this form is required. Please do not leave any area blank. Addresses and phone numbers must be included for everyone listed as a person authorized to pick up your child, or as someone to contact in an emergency. Health Insurance information and signatures at the bottom of the consent are required.
  • Child Health Report – This must be a full report and include a physician’s signature, the date completed and immunization record dates.
  • Getting to Know You Form – This form should be included if your child is new to TCDN or will be attending a different program.
  • TCDN Special Care Plan Form– This form must be completed in full.
  • Request for IEP – (Individualized Education Plan) or GIEP (Gifted Individualized Education Plan) – A copy of this Plan or the goal sheet should be returned if applicable. This will help classroom teachers be familiar with specific goals for your child, and often enables a site to be eligible for state grant funds. Please return with an x if not applicable to your child.

Forms can be mailed, emailed, faxed or dropped off to TCDN, 301 N. Chester Road, Swarthmore, Pa 19081. Fax 610-604-9740. Any questions can be emailed to