Administration and Staff

Experienced, nurturing and committed teachers and substitutes are the heart of TCDN. Teachers work in co-teaching teams at individual sites, and model a value of equity. Responsibilities preparing the environment, planning curriculum, observing and assessing children, and working with families are equally shared.

You have an amazing group of people working at your sites, and each time I work, I am in awe of what they accomplish with the children, the kindness they show to them and the interest and caring the children- of all ages- must feel when they are with their teachers. It is really special. This kindness and warmth is also extended to the subs.

~TCDN Substitute Teacher

Site Coordinators provide additional leadership and support to program staff and facilitate communication with the TCDN administration.

Teachers have the creative freedom to design classroom curriculum based on the needs and interests of the children. Teachers also have the opportunity to provide input on programs and policies through committees and task force groups.

Employees include the TCDN Leadership Team- TCDN Executive Director, Operations Manager, Preschool Director, and the Out of School Time Director. In addition to the leadership team we employ individual program Site Coordinators, site Teachers, a Preschool Cook, and Substitutes.

Administration Directory

Michele Corbin

Operations Manager

610-544-4555 x221

[email protected]

Theresa Snyder

Executive Director

610-544-4555 x223

[email protected]

Donna Struck

Finance Associate

[email protected]

610-544-4555 x222

Ursula Peterson

Out of School Time Director

610-544-4555 x250

[email protected]

Kimberly Mills

Preschool Director

610-544-4555 x224

[email protected]

AnnMarie Stanton

Office Assistant

[email protected]