Hello WSSD Families,

If you are interested in registering for our school-aged programs, below you will find the 2023-2024 OST (Out of School Time) program Tuition Agreement. There is a 3-day minimum for all programs.  Please call the Main Office to confirm program availability.

Please complete the agreement and return it to TCDN Main office with the $125 registration fee.  We are not able to accept the agreements without the $125 fee.  Registrations are first come first serve.  All agreements and fees may be dropped off at the TCDN Main Office, 301 N Chester Road, Swarthmore, PA.  Office hours are M-F 9a-5p.

Incoming Explorer kindergartner families, please select the Explorer program that is the opposite of your WSSD kindergarten placement.  All PM Explorers who need aftercare, please select the SASC site.

If you have any questions, please call 610-544-4555 x221.  Thank you for your enrollment in TCDN’s OST programs.

OST 2023-2024 Tuition Agreement

Welcome to TCDN

In our preschool and out-of-school time programs, TCDN creates a place for childhood!

Children thrive in our safe, nurturing and enriching environments under a child-centered philosophy and unique family-grouping model. This model allows children to learn from each other and grow in an atmosphere that encourages individual exploration, creativity, inclusion and responsibility.

Our trained, experienced and dedicated teachers help children interpret and understand their world, acquire the motivation to learn, and foster community values.

Families are integral to TCDN’s operation as they communicate with teachers to enhance their child’s development, and become part of the cooperative spirit that guides our work.

Enjoy our website, come for a visit and learn more about our child-centered philosophy of learning.